I am a proven business leader with 10+ years of experience turning statistical analysis and financial data into actionable market strategy that significantly grows top line sales and profit. As the Senior Director and Interim Vice President of Sales and Marketing of a $180M aerospace company (IPO Apr’12), I combined calculated risk-taking, innovative business strategy, and specific tactics to increase market share, as well as find new markets to dominate.  Led an international 14-person Sales and Marketing team to the highest revenue in company history 2 years in a row.


I turn disparate data into actionable market information to grow revenue. Utilize financial modeling, statistical analysis, and market research to drive business strategy.

Can speak both analytics and marketing languages
Grows revenue by aggressively finding new markets and growing share
Bridges the gap between technical and business
Ability and experience to persuade and negotiate at the highest executive levels.
Executes metric and data driven sales strategy
Strong project management skills with ability to led multiple stakeholders


From Fortune 100 companies to smaller pre-IPO teams to international assignments to Senior Director and Vice President level promotions (Finance, Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Business Development), I have a track record of success.

Senior Director Business Development

Air Amazonia/Costa do Sol: Responsible for Business Development for South American Oil and Gas. Closed company’s first ever Offshore Oil and Gas Contract for $14M

Senior Director Mergers and Acquisitions

Erickson Aviation:  Led the company through its first international acquisition. $26,000,000 purchase price with 100+ employees and $30,000,000 revenue

Senior Director Global Sales and Marketing/Interim Vice President

Erickson Aircrane: Managed 14 person team that generated 36% year over year growth and delivered the highest revenue in company history two years in a row ($180,000,000).

Senior Product Analyst

Intel: Realigned $50M strategic investment of server product line through market modeling and scenario analysis of market, price, and cost. Translated market research and competitive analysis into data-driven recommendations to change strategy of product line and increased NPV of product line by $20M.

Information Management Leadership Program

General Electric: Awarded Intern of the Year for development of sales probability analysis tool and KPI dashboard for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases to increase closing probability, follow through to clients, and analyze sales information.

Accounting Intern Kleiner Perkins start up. IPO 1997. Responsible for User requirements gathering and system design of Accounting system.

Million USD

Annual Revenue

Million USD

in M&A Deals


Managed Team Size




See LinkedIn for additional references

“…One of a select few individuals that has mastery in many disciplines. These skills allow him to be an amazing manager; but more importantly, Marco's skill set influence decisions, impact change, and has brought significant value to his business partners.”
Kevon Kothari
Vice President, Corporate Development & Innovation at Care Innovations
“…great ability to cut through a great deal of information and get to the bottom line. His financial background was very helpful in insuring profit margins were maintained. He handled complex contract negotiations and insured that the essence of what the company's needs were met…”
David Valaer
Equity Investor at Kiska Investments
“…outstanding leadership qualities, managing with facts and data and decision making with truth and wisdom...xcels at contract negotiating and bringing both parties together to secure the deal. He is a strategic planner, an out of the box thinker...exceptional mentor...“
Patrick Pillola
VP Business Development at CHI Aviation & Helimax Aviation
“Marco brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the corporate environment and is happy to roll up his sleeves and tackle any problem his is given. His varied background - finance, marketing, sales - made Marco a great go-to for multi-functional team challenges...”
David Finnie
Chief Financial Officer / VP Finance at KIC LLC

I am a graduate of a Top 10 Business School, with 4 degrees (Accounting, Computer Information, Systems, International Business, and Operations Management) and 1 minor (Speech Communication), My strength is not just in number crunching. I have the unique ability to work with and influence across multiple functions in the organization. This ability allows me to draw from my varied experiences to develop unique solutions to challenging problems.


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